500kg/H Banana Chips Cutter Machine Price

The banana chips cutting machine adopts advanced cutting technology to quickly cut bananas into banana slices, which is a necessary production product for banana slice processing. The thickness of the banana chips making machine slice can be adjusted, and different materials can be sliced. Made of stainless steel, the upper cover of the machine can be customized according to the size of the material. The thickness of the slices is uniform, which can realize the value of one machine with multiple functions.

500kg/H Banana Chips Cutter Machine Price

Features Of Banana Chips Cutting Machine

1. Made of stainless steel, banana chips cutting machine has a long service life and is sturdy and wear-resistant.

2. The blade of the plantain chips cutting machine in nigeria can be disassembled, which is very convenient to use and maintain.

3. For the thickness of banana slices, it can be realized by mechanical adjustment.

4. The blade is sharp and will not stick to the knife.

5. The machine has a wide range of use, can slice various fruits, and can realize the value of one machine with multiple uses.

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Advantages Of Plantain Chips Cutting Machine In Nigeria


1. The machine runs smoothly, and the banana slices will not stick to the knife.

2. Small size, small footprint, convenient for mobile use and storage.

3. The body has beautiful appearance, low noise and simple operation.

4. The cut surface is smooth, which can maintain the original shape of the banana tissue, and will not change the odor and color that the banana should have.

5.Banana chips cutter machine price can be used as a stand-alone machine, or it can work with the production line.

Cutting size0-5mm adjustable

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