Automatic IQF Fruits And Vegetables Freezer Machine

The fruit and vegetable freezer machine is a machine that can quickly freeze and obtain low-temperature freshness, and has been widely welcomed in many large-scale fruit and vegetable freezing enterprises. This fruit and vegetable frozen machine can freeze fruits and vegetables in a short period of time, and then store them at a low temperature of -18°C~ -20°C for later use, which not only enables continuous production, but also is very simple and quick to operate.

Automatic IQF Fruits And Vegetables Freezer Machine

Advantages Of IQF Fruits And Vegetables Freezer

1.Fast cooling speed: The fruit and vegetable freezer can realize batch freezing in a short time, and adopts an advanced refrigeration system.

2.Stainless steel mesh belt: It is conveyed by stainless steel mesh belt, which conforms to food safety standards, and the conveying speed is adjustable.

3.More cost-effective: low energy consumption, long service life, high work efficiency

4.Good fresh-keeping effect: frozen fruits and vegetables will not form large ice crystals, the cells of frozen fruits and vegetables will not be damaged, and it can also lock the moisture in the food to maintain the freshness of the food.

5.Support customization: This iqf fruits and vegetables freezer machine has different processing capabilities and can be customized according to customer needs.


Preparing Fruit And Vegetable Products Before Freezing

Most fruits and vegetables need to be pre-treated before freezing. In addition to individual iqf fruits and vegetables freezers, we also provide complete fruit and vegetable freezing solutions. Below are some of the pretreatment methods used in the factory for fruits and vegetables before freezing.

*Material selection: The quality of the frozen fruits and vegetables must be ensured, without pests and diseases, and without mildew. In addition, choose fruits and vegetables with the same maturity

*Cleaning: Generally, the surfaces of fruits and vegetables are covered with dust, sediment and dirt. In order to ensure that the products meet the food hygiene standards, they must be cleaned before freezing.

*Slicing: According to the needs of different fruit and vegetable products, it needs to be sliced.

*Blanching: It is mainly used for quick-freezing processing of vegetables, the purpose is to inhibit its enzyme activity, soften the fiber tissue, and remove the spicy and astringent taste, so as to facilitate cooking and processing.

*Draining water and pre-cooling: Pre-cooling the fruits and vegetables after removing the water to maintain the appearance and texture of the fruits and vegetables, while saving energy for the freezing process

*Freezing: After the above process is completed, start freezing fruits and vegetables. Frozen fruits and vegetables can be stored for longer: such as beans, cabbage, etc. can be refrigerated for 8 months; cauliflower, spinach, green peas can be stored for 14 to 16 months; and carrots, pumpkins, etc. can be stored for 24 months.


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Height of inlet and outletInlet 1055mm/Outlet 835mm

Max Height2500mm

Belt Width1280mm1280mm1280mm
Freezing Time5-25min(Adjustable)


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