Purchase of Mango Washing and Pulping Equipment by a Senegalese Customer

Time:2023-05-11 By:Wendy

Senegalese Mango Market Information:

Mango production in Senegal is primarily concentrated in the coastal regions. To further develop mango production and export, the Senegalese government intends to expand the production areas to the northern Senegal River Valley region. In recent years, mango production has been on the rise, with major exports to European countries such as France, Belgium, the Netherlands, and Switzerland.

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Senegalese Customer Background:

Our customer is a local small-scale retailer of mango juice in Senegal. They have a clear and immediate demand for mango processing equipment to meet the growing market demand for mango juice.

Key Points of the Mango Process Machine Deal:

Given the customer's specific and immediate requirement, we seized the opportunity to establish the initial cooperation by offering a tailored solution for mango washing machine and mango pulping mchine. This approach required a relatively small upfront investment, allowing us to quickly close the deal.

However, one of the challenges we faced was related to payment. The customer expressed concerns about making the payment without having a direct face-to-face interaction. To address this, we arranged for our agent to visit our Shanghai branch office and meet with the customer, providing them with the necessary reassurance and building trust. Once the trust was established, the customer proceeded with the payment.

Additionally, during our discussions with the customer, they expressed interest in expanding their business into mango drying. We gradually introduced them to the concept of dried mangoes and discussed the potential of frozen mango products. This allowed us to explore future opportunities and foster a long-term partnership with the customer.

Our company's strength lies in providing comprehensive solutions for mango processing. We not only offer high-quality mango washing and pulping equipment but also have expertise in other aspects of mango processing, such as juice extraction, drying, and frozen product development. This capability positions us as a reliable and knowledgeable partner for customers looking to establish or expand their mango processing operations.

In conclusion, through effective communication, tailored solutions, and addressing customer concerns, we successfully closed the deal with our Senegalese customer for the purchase of mango washing and pulping equipment. This deal showcases our company's expertise and commitment to meeting customer needs in the mango processing industry. We are confident that our high-quality equipment and professional services will contribute to the customer's success and pave the way for further collaboration in the future.

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