Automatic Banana Chips Processing Line from A To Z

blanching green bananas → peeling bananas → slicing bananas → frying banana chips → degreasing banana chips → seasoning banana chips → packaging banana chips

Product introduction

The automatic banana chips processing line provided by our company is used to produce fried banana chips. Automatic production can be realized from raw bananas to finished product packaging, with different production output ranges from 100kg/h to 1000kg/h to meet the needs of different customers. Widely used in various banana varieties: banana slices, plantain slices, banana wafers, and the shape of its slices can be adjusted by changing different banana slicers. 1. Raw material: banana (raw material standard: turquoise, the size and maturity are basically the same) 2. Product: Banana slices about 3-5mm (or other customized) 3. Whether to customize: almost every machine can be customized according to demand 4. The heating method of the banana chips frying machine: electric heating, gas heating.

Stable Operation And Good Performance

Stable Operation And Good Performance

Each machine of the fully automatic banana chip production line is made of 304 stainless steel. Simple operation and core competitiveness compared with other machines. You can choose the right model based on the region, capital and capacity you need. For banana chips production line, we have special equipment to season different flavors.

High Degree Of Automation, Reducing Labor CostsHigh Degree Of Automation, Reducing Labor Costs

Using PLC electrical control, high technical content, safe and efficient, saving production and labor costs. Provide detailed operation manual and installation instruction video, you can buy with confidence. This production line can realize mass production of banana chips and is easy to use.

High Degree Of Automation, Reducing Labor Costs
Excellent Quality And Competitive Price

Excellent Quality And Competitive Price

Each machine is made of high-quality stainless steel, hygienic and easy to clean. The fryer keeps the frying oil clean, thereby reducing fuel consumption and improving the quality of banana chips. It is equipped with an advanced and efficient heating system to avoid wasting energy.

Easy to CustomizeEasy to Customize

We have our own machine factory, which can customize the exclusive banana chip processing line according to the size of the customer's workshop and the shape of the finished product. Whether scaling up or launching a new business, we have the right equipment for you. For new commercial customers, we will provide you with suitable complete production processes and detailed solutions.

Easy to Customize
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