Industrial Hot Chili Pepper Sauce Production Line

Process of chili sauce production line: chili picking → chili cleaning → chili air drying → chili crushing → chili sauce grinding → chili sauce cooking → chili sauce canning → chili sauce water bath sterilization after canning

Product introduction

The industrial chili sauce production line is a professional chili sauce processing equipment specially designed for the chili sauce processing needs of small and medium-sized condiment food processing plants producing chili sauce. It replaces the traditional chili sauce workshop, which not only improves the production environment of chili sauce processing, improves the working efficiency of chili sauce processing, and makes the chili sauce processing process faster and cleaner. The taste of chili sauce is more delicate, uniform and stable, and the shelf life of the packaged chili sauce is as long as 6 months! We support various chili packaging forms commonly found in the market, help your chili sauce products meet the needs of various consumer groups, and gain more profits for your chili sauce processing business! !

1.Stainless Steel

1.Stainless Steel

The 304 food grade stainless steel material is used to ensure the cleanliness and hygiene of the chili during processing, and this material is more durable, corrosion-resistant, and prevents rust from contacting the chili sauce for a long time, thereby ensuring the high quality of the chili sauce.

2.Wide Applications2.Wide Applications

The chili sauce processing equipment has great potential for upgrading. After simple transformation, it can also be used for the production of various sauces such as tomato sauce, ginger and garlic sauce;

2.Wide Applications
3.Structure Design

3.Structure Design

The whole set of chili sauce processing equipment is compact in design and occupies a small area, which saves the high cost of purchasing equipment and operating factory land and the cumbersome procedures for government approval of land, helping you to quickly develop chili sauce processing business;


The chili sauce production line only requires a small amount of investment, and the equipment is easy to operate. The packaged chili sauce consumer group is huge, which can help small and medium-sized chili sauce condiment processing plants to quickly recover funds;

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