Fruit Processing Line Washing Waxing And Grading System

Production line processing steps:Washing→Air Drying→Waxing→Air Drying→Grading

Product introduction

The fruit processing line washing waxing and grading system can automatically apply a layer of fruit wax on the surface of the fruit instead of manual work, prolong the fresh-keeping period of the fruit, prevent the erosion of the fruit by microorganisms, facilitate the storage and transportation of the fruit, and after fruit waxing process is bright, improving the quality of the fruit. The sale value of the fruit. The fruit grading system can automatically classify the fruit according to the size of the fruit, which improves the efficiency of fruit processing. It is the best choice for fruit exporters, fruit processing plants and fruit growers.

Easy To Use

Easy To Use

This fruit washing line is easy to operate, only a few people are needed to feed the material, and the feeding port is set very low, reducing the waste of energy. There is a conveying system inside the machine, and the material can be automatically advanced to realize automatic production. After the machine is debugged, just press the start button to start working, and it can work continuously.

Health And SafetyHealth And Safety

The fruit processing equipment is made of food-grade materials, which will not affect the color and smell of the fruit surface, and will not cause wear on the surface of the fruit. The fruit waxing process consists of a series of special horsehair brushes and sponges that scrub, clean and finely apply wax on the surface of the fruit without affecting the quality of the fruit.

Health And Safety
Size Can Be Customized

Size Can Be Customized

The fruit grading adopts the roller fruit grading system, which falls into the corresponding box according to the different sizes of the fruit, and the machine can be customized according to the size of the fruit processing. The size of the grading system is accurate, and the graded fruit can be sold according to the grade, which is also a way to increase the value of the fruit.

High ProductivityHigh Productivity

Compared with manual production, the fruit washing line has greatly improved the production efficiency, reaching thousands of kilograms per hour, even thousands of kilograms. It is an essential equipment for farms and fruit sellers. When the machine is working, the speed is fast and the efficiency is high, which can realize continuous production and save production time.

High Productivity
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