Industrial Fruit Washing Drying Line Customer Washing System

Production line processing steps:Picking→Washing→Air-Drying→Packing

Product introduction

The industrial fruit washing drying packaging line mainly includes fruit cleaning machine, fruit air-drying machine and fruit packaging machine. It is a simple and efficient production line that realizes fruit processing automation and simplicity. The fruit washing system line greatly reduces the waste of labor and time costs, and is suitable for fruit growers and fruit sellers. This production line is made of stainless steel and well-known brand motors.

Customizable Output

Customizable Output

This fruit washing system line can be customized according to the customer's production needs, and we can provide customized solutions. If the fruit grower wants to process the fruit quickly, we can design the area of the factory for the customer according to the demanded output and provide the machinery suitable for the customer's output, so as to satisfy the customer.

Can Sterilize And DisinfectCan Sterilize And Disinfect

The fruit washing machine in this production line adopts a bubble cleaning machine, which can add an ozone generating device to sterilize the fruit and remove harmful substances such as pests and mildew on the surface of the fruit. It can maintain the freshness of the fruit, prolong the fresh-keeping period of the fruit, and facilitate the transportation and storage of the fruit.

Can Sterilize And Disinfect
Strong Practicality

Strong Practicality

This fruit washing drying line can process a variety of fruits, including: apples, mangoes, peaches, pears, passion fruit, plums, avocados, cherry tomatoes and many other applications of different diameters. It can be used in many occasions such as fruit growers, fruit wholesale markets, fruit sellers, food processing plants and so on.

High Operating EfficiencyHigh Operating Efficiency

The fruit washing drying line machinery uses high-power motors, which have fast production speed and high operating efficiency. The output of processed fruit is as high as thousands or even thousands of kilograms per hour. Compared with artificially processed fruits, the processing efficiency can reach dozens of times, which is in line with the processing needs of fruit producers and sellers, and improves processing efficiency.

High Operating Efficiency
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