Turnkey Garlic Powder Production Processing Line Plant

The garlic powder production line mainly includes processing techniques such as garlic cloves → garlic peeling → peeled garlic cleaning → air drying → garlic slices → garlic slice dehydration → garlic slice grinding.

Product introduction

The garlic powder production line processes the dried garlic into 20-120 mesh light yellow garlic powder by breaking the clove, peeling, cleaning, air-drying, slicing, dehydrating, grinding and other processing techniques. It retains the original flavor and nutrients of fresh garlic, can be used instead of fresh garlic, has the effect of eliminating the odor of fish and meat, and has an aromatic and spicy taste. Meet the cooking needs of different families, restaurants, and food processing plants. The processed garlic powder is packaged, which is easier to store and transport, which greatly increases the market value of fresh garlic. It is your ideal garlic deep processing investment choice! !

1. Customized Service

1. Customized Service

We can provide a complete set of garlic powder processing solutions according to customer needs, and provide factory equipment layout planning, including later equipment installation and commissioning, personnel training, to ensure the smooth operation of the garlic powder production line;

2. Energy Saving & High Efficiency2. Energy Saving & High Efficiency

The advanced heat pump drying technology is used to dry garlic slices to ensure more uniform drying of garlic slices. The drying efficiency of garlic slices is several times higher than that of various heat source air energy heat pump drying room ovens. Drying 1 ton of fresh materials consumes less electricity. To 1/80th of it, the drying time is greatly shortened, and the capital and labor costs for equipment purchase are low.

2. Energy Saving & High Efficiency
3. Good Drying Effect

3. Good Drying Effect

The garlic slice dryer has a built-in circulating fan, which greatly reduces heat loss, strengthens heat transfer, and ensures that the hot air circulates evenly in the box, clean and powerful hot air with large air volume and fast drying without sulfur, simulating the principle of natural air drying, the finished product has a natural color and good natural flavor. .

4.  Adjustable Garlic Powder Fineness4. Adjustable Garlic Powder Fineness

The fineness of garlic powder can be adjusted from 20 to 120 mesh. The fineness adjustment is mainly carried out by replacing the sieves with different meshes. The fineness of the sieves can be divided into 10 meshes, 20 meshes, 40 meshes, 60 meshes, 80 meshes, 100 meshes, 120 meshes, etc. , the higher the mesh number, the finer the crushed, and vice versa.

4.  Adjustable Garlic Powder Fineness
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