Ginger Powder Production Processing Machine Line

The processing technology of ginger powder mainly includes: fresh ginger cleaning and peeling → ginger slices → ginger slices air-drying → ginger slices dehydration → dehydrated ginger slices grinding → ginger powder packaging

Product introduction

Our ginger powder production line is developed based on advanced ginger powder processing technology. The unique ginger powder processing technology retains the original fragrance, color and nutrients of fresh ginger, and with a professional ginger powder packaging machine, it can prolong the life of ginger powder. Shelf life and market value. Processing fresh ginger into ginger powder can effectively prevent mildew and worms caused by improper storage of fresh ginger. It is not only easier to store, but also processed ginger powder is one of the most popular spices on the market, with a huge consumer group. The market has broad prospects, and investing in ginger powder processing equipment can bring you a steady stream of benefits! !

1.Stainless Steel Material

1.Stainless Steel Material

The whole set of ginger powder processing machine and the ginger contact parts are made of 304 food-grade stainless steel, which has strong stability, prevents rust and corrosion, ensures the cleanliness and hygiene of the ginger powder spices processing process, and ensures that there is no harm to the human body;

2. Wide Range of Application2. Wide Range of Application

The ginger powder production line is also suitable for the production of turmeric powder. The whole set of equipment has great potential for upgrading. After simple transformation, it can also be processed and manufactured with other spices, such as garlic powder, onion powder, chili powder, moringa powder, etc.;

2. Wide Range of Application
3. Clean And Hygienic

3. Clean And Hygienic

The ginger powder production line is equipped with an advanced dust collection device, which can automatically blow off and adsorb dust, and can purify the dust of multiple dust-generating points at the same time, avoid dust flying in the ginger powder processing process, and ensure the cleanliness of the ginger powder processing workshop.

4. Support Different Packaging4. Support Different Packaging

The ginger powder spices common packaging forms are bagged, bottled, boxed, and the most popular is plastic bagged, this ginger powder packing form can not only effectively prevent ginger powder from getting wet, but also the cost of this ginger powder packaging equipment is lower, we can provide various ginger powder packaging equipment according to customer needs. ;

4. Support Different Packaging
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