Moringa Leaf Powder Manufacturing Processing Machine

The manufacturing process of moringa powder mainly include:moringa washing→moringa -de-watering-moringa input feed conveyor→moringa leaves dehydrating→dehydrated moringa leaves powder grinding→moringa powder packing

Product introduction

The Moringa powder production line is mainly used for the milling of leaf herbs. It can process 100kg-1000kg of Moringa leaves into 20-120 mesh light green powder per hour. Not only can it retain the rich minerals, vitamins, amino acids, antioxidants, natural anti-inflammatory body and other nutrients in Moringa leaves, but the packaged Moringa powder is easy to carry and easier to eat. The common packaging forms of moringa powder are 1-5kg aluminum foil bags/25kg cardboard drums, liquids are packed in 1Kg bottles or special barrels, and some customers require moringa powder to be made into capsules or tablets, according to the final product needs and packaging of customers form, we are able to provide customized Moringa herbal powder processing solutions! !

1.Moringa Leaves Dry Evenly

1.Moringa Leaves Dry Evenly

The moringa powder processing equipment is equipped with an induced draft fan and a circulating air duct inside, so that the steam in the equipment forms a circulating wind steam, which saves heat and the moisture is extracted from the bottom to the top. So that the temperature of the material is uniform and the same color is maintained.

2.Operation Efficiency2.Operation Efficiency

The Moringa powder processing equipment is equipped with a lifting device, which will be lifted from the ground to the top mesh belt of the equipment, which greatly saves the cost of manual feeding and improves the automation of the product. The food is automatically transported in and out by the mesh belt, and the drying of the food is automatically completed by the conveyor belt transportation, with excellent efficiency.

2.Operation Efficiency
3.Wide Range Of Applications

3.Wide Range Of Applications

This Moringa leaf powder processing machine is also suitable for processing a variety of herbal medicines, such as: Panax notoginseng, lemongrass, Ganoderma lucidum, Huangli, Tianma, dried blood, dendrobium, ginseng, snow lotus, angelica, etc.

4.Mesh Belt Convetyor4.Mesh Belt Convetyor

The mesh belt dryer uses spread moringa leaves during drying, and adopts multi-layer mobile stainless steel mesh belts. The hot air flows through the mesh belt and the material layer above it from bottom to top or top to bottom. , The heat and mass exchange is uniform and sufficient, the production efficiency is high, the product quality is good, and the discharge temperature is low, which is conducive to timely packaging.

4.Mesh Belt Convetyor
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