Natural Potato Chips Production Line Plant For Sale

Potatoes - cleaning and peeling - screening - slicing - blanching - drying - frying - oil filtering - seasoning - air drying and cooling - packaging

Product introduction

Our company provides a natural potato chips production line to produce crispy and delicious high-quality potato chips. Automatic production from raw materials to finished products, helping customers bring more value. The complete potato chip production line factory has different models to ensure that you can customize the exclusive potato chip solution: 100kg/h-1000kg/h. Our natural potato chips production line includes all equipment from raw potato input to potato chip packaging. The potato chips production line plant works very efficiently and can meet the optimal production needs.

Reliable Quality

Reliable Quality

The machines of the whole natural potato chips production line are made of high-quality stainless steel, and the quality is very reliable. Each machine can be customized according to needs. It has the advantages of high efficiency, simple operation, safety and reliability, and convenient use and maintenance.

Easy Device ControlEasy Device Control

The equipment is controlled and managed by an electric control box, and can be equipped with a PLC control system. The frying system is precisely controlled. The potato chips plant for sale fryer can achieve precise control of oil temperature and frying time. The heating method is optional: electric heating, gas heating, coal heating, etc. The potato slicer can precisely control the slice thickness.

Easy Device Control
Low Fuel Consumption

Low Fuel Consumption

The potato chips production line plant consists of cleaning and peeling, slicing, blanching, dehydration, frying, degreasing, seasoning, packaging and auxiliary equipment. It truly realizes fully automatic operation, saves labor and energy, realizes continuous and uninterrupted production, and reduces fuel consumption. The oil recovered during the deoiling process can be reused.

Premium Finished Potato ChipsPremium Finished Potato Chips

The potato chips produced by this natural potato chips production line are of stable quality, consistent color, good taste and non-greasy. Let your fried potato chips have an advantage in both color and taste, have broad market prospects, and are deeply loved by consumers.

Premium Finished Potato Chips
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