Small Scale Banana Chips Manufacturing Process Plant

The process of making banana chips includes:raw bananas → slicing → frying → degreasing → seasoning → packaging.

Product introduction

The small scale banana chips plant is a small scale banana chip processing specially designed by our company for customers with a production capacity of 50kg/h-500kg/h. It is a lower investment for starting a banana chip business, and it is easier to obtain high returns and high profits. It is one of the more popular small scale banana chips production lines in the market.If you want to start this business, this banana chip maker is the perfect choice to help you better access the consumer market of banana chips.

Adjustable Cutting Thickness

Adjustable Cutting Thickness

The banana chip processing machine is all made of 304 stainless steel, which has a long service life. Among them, the feeding port of the banana slicer can be customized, and the cutting surface is smooth and uniform, and the cutting thickness can be adjusted freely. It has the advantages of compact structure design, beautiful appearance, simple operation, high efficiency and small footprint.

Good Finished Product QualityGood Finished Product Quality

The banana chips processed by this production line are golden in color and crisp in taste, and are well received by consumers. Among them, the frame quantity of the banana chip fryer can be customized with two baskets, three baskets and four baskets according to the requirements. Heating options are electric heating and gas heating.

Good Finished Product Quality
Multiple Model Options

Multiple Model Options

In addition to the small-scale banana chip production line, there is also a fully automatic banana chip processing line, which is suitable for large-scale production of banana chips. Its processing capacity and technological process can be customized according to the actual needs of customers. It can effectively save labor costs and improve production efficiency.

Small Volume And Large OutputSmall Volume And Large Output

This production line has less investment and more returns, and is the choice of most banana chip processing enterprises. Compared with the fully automatic banana chip production line, the floor area is smaller. The use of nitrogen-filled packaging machines can extend the shelf life of products and facilitate transportation and storage.

Small Volume And Large Output
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