Turnkey Tomato Ketchup Making Manufacturing Processing Plant

The tomato ketchup manufacturing process mainly include:tomato washing→tomato de-watering→tomato crushing→tomato pulping→tomato pulp   cooking&concentrating→tomato ketchup filling and packing→packaged tomato ketchup pasteurization

Product introduction

The tomato ketchup manufacturing plant can process 200kg-500kg of fresh tomatoes into a sweet and sour tomato ketchup per hour, tomato ketchup is often used to match various fast food such as bread, sandwiches, fried chicken, french fries, pasta, etc. Consumer groups Huge, so the market prospect of tomato ketchup making plant is broad. Common tomato ketchup are packaged in 10g, 20g, 30g, 40g and other bags. This kind of tomato ketchup can be eaten right out of the bag and has a shelf life of up to 6 months! We can also provide all kinds of tomato ketchup packaging equipment according to customer's packaging needs! !

1.Compact Structure

1.Compact Structure

The structure is compact and the floor area is small, which saves the cumbersome procedures for applying for government approval of land and saves the investment in purchasing plant land. The whole tomato ketchup processing plant is simple to operate and easy to use, which can help customers quickly develop tomato ketchup business.


Starting from the needs of customers and in line with the cost-effective design concept, our tomato sauce jacketed pot truly realizes one machine with multiple functions. It integrates the three functions of sterilization, stirring and concentration. It has a stirring function to prevent the tomato sauce from sticking to the pot during the cooking process.

3.Fully Automatic

3.Fully Automatic

The tomato ketchup manufacturing plant can meet the requirements of fully automatic processing, and each tomato processing equipment is connected by buffer tanks, pumps and pipes. Save labor costs and greatly improve the processing efficiency of tomato ketchup.

4.Support Different Packing4.Support Different Packing

The most economical packaging form of tomato ketchup is in bags. The common bag sizes are: 10g, 30g, 100g, 300g and other different packaging specifications. There are also different tomato ketchup packaging forms such as bottled, canned, boxed, tube, etc. We are able to provide different tomato ketchup packaging equipment according to your specific packaging requirements!!

4.Support Different Packing
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