Pre-treatment Vegetable Processing Line Process Stpes

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Vegetables are generally grown in fields or greenhouses, especially after harvesting and transportation, vegetables are inevitably covered with dust and dirt. In the traditional vegetable market, buying vegetables home requires choosing vegetables, removing yellow leaves, cleaning, and dividing. It often takes a lot of time to cook a meal. In an era of efficiency, pre-treatment vegetable fresh fruits and vegetables are appearing more and more in our lives.

The purchased clean vegetables can be cooked in a pot after a little treatment, which not only saves time, but also protects the environment. The appearance of pre-treatment vegetable dishes has greatly improved the convenience of people's lives and is welcomed by more and more people. More businesses are choosing to start a pre-treatment vegetable processing linebusiness. Enter the pre-cooked food industry to get a wave of dividends.

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Today we will show you the process of pre-treatment vegetable processing line and the main equipment used in the prefabricated vegetable processing in the factory.

1. Process Of Pre-Treatment Vegetable Processing Line:

The process of vegetable cleaning production line is: lifting - picking - grading - cleaning - cutting - packaging - preservation - sterilization - refrigeration.

2. The Main Machine For Pre-Treatment Vegetable Processing Line:

1. Cleaning Machine

There are three common types of cleaning machine. It is recommended to use a bubble washing machine for cleaning leafy vegetables; a brush cleaning machine is recommended for cleaning rhizomes; an eddy current cleaning machine is recommended for cleaning chopped vegetables. The corresponding cleaning equipment can be selected according to the specific processed vegetables.

2.Peeling Machine

Root vegetables generally need to be peeled after cleaning, so as not to affect the taste. The peeling machine can effectively peel, rinse, and separate the removed skin. The peeling machine is not necessary if your vegetables are mainly leafy vegetables.

3. Air drying Machine

The air-drying machine is mainly to dry the moisture on the surface of the vegetables to facilitate the next process.

4. Slicing Machine

The fruit vegetable cutting machine can be processed according to the processing requirements of vegetables, such as cutting leafy vegetables into sections, and slicing, slicing, and dicing rhizomes. Different shapes and sizes can be handled according to the different needs of customers.

5. Packaging Machine

If the cut vegetables are not directly processed, they need to be packaged as soon as possible, and then enter the links of preservation, sterilization, and refrigeration to facilitate storage, transportation and shelf sales.

At present, the prepared dish industry, as a new industry growth point, is becoming a hot topic. The processing of prepared vegetables is inseparable from the cleaning of vegetables. As a solution provider of pre-prepared dishes, our company is dedicated to providing professional equipment and perfect services for friends from all walks of life, creating value for customers by virtue of R&D, production, sales and service strength.

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