The American Pomegranate Seed Project Was Successfully Delivered

Time:2024-03-14 By:

Under the attention of the delivery leader, the project team worked hard day and night for 20 days, and the company's American pomegranate seed project came to a successful conclusion on March 12. On the day of delivery, the customer happily celebrated this milestone with champagne on site and expressed his heartfelt gratitude and praise for the professionalism and unremitting efforts of the company's delivery team.


In the early morning of March 13th, the company's delivery team will set off non-stop for Panama to take on a new mission - debugging the multi-row packaging machine project, and use this as a prelude to open a new chapter in the company's service territory in the Americas. . They will adhere to strict discipline and consistent efficiency and professionalism to ensure the on-time production of the American spring roll production line in April and the successful delivery of the Canadian wort quick-freezing line in May, bringing the most complete technical support to partners around the world, and Professional installation and commissioning guidance.


We know that every arrival and departure is a vivid interpretation of "professionalism and trust"; every installation and commissioning are creating a worry-free experience of "worry-free and convenient" for customers. No matter how time and space change, ensuring delivery satisfaction is always the source of motivation for us to move forward firmly. We are on the road and never stop!