Auspicious Start to Work,Embarking Together on a New Journey

Time:2024-02-18 By:

On February 17th, the eighth day of the first lunar month, on this vibrant and hopeful day, Gelgoog resumed full operations, embarking on a new year's journey of endeavor.

Bright and early, the company meticulously planned a grand reopening event. Not only did CEO John, alongside various senior executives, personally attend the event at the headquarters' office area, but they also handed out carefully prepared reopening gift packages to each partner, filled with care and motivation, while conveying sincere New Year blessings to everyone. Meanwhile, simultaneous lively reopening ceremonies were held at the Guangzhou and Shanghai branches as well as the production department, where all partners collectively embraced the challenges and opportunities of the new year's work.

As we start anew in the Year of the Dragon, let us embody the spirit of the dragon, forge ahead with determination, courageously scale new heights, and collectively craft magnificent new chapters. At this moment, let us embrace each new challenge with boundless enthusiasm and unwavering belief, seize every fresh opportunity, unite our efforts, and together, create a brighter and more splendid future!