First Time in 2024! Company's Vietnam and Saudi Projects Delivery Teams Set to Depart Simultaneous

Time:2024-02-08 By:

On January 18th, the company held installation briefings and departure mobilization ceremonies for the Vietnam chili sauce production line project and the Saudi vegetable processing and packaging line project at the factory. Key personnel from various departments such as Fruit and Vegetable Business Unit, Supply Chain, Delivery Management, and Solution Engineers witnessed this moment together. On January 20th, the delivery teams for the Vietnam and Saudi projects will embark side by side, fully committing to the intense installation work.


During the installation briefings and departure mobilization ceremonies for the Vietnam and Saudi projects, Solution Engineers systematically outlined the overall project plan, emphasizing key nodes, challenging aspects of installation and debugging processes, safety considerations, and operational focal points that require special attention. The installation schedule was further clarified, and in-depth interpretations and emphases were provided on installation processes, feedback mechanisms for issues, on-site record management, strict safety measures, and rigorous work discipline.

Questions and confusions raised by installation and debugging personnel were addressed one by one during the meeting to ensure that all members understand the task objectives and execution steps, aiming to efficiently and effectively complete the delivery work with high quality. Members of the installation delivery teams signed safety commitments and operation manuals on-site.

Here, we extend our warm congratulations and heartfelt blessings to the Vietnam and Saudi project delivery teams in advance. We look forward to their successful completion of the delivery tasks, ensuring customer satisfaction and achieving outstanding results once again!