Vegetable Processing Line With Washing Drying Packing

Vegetable processing line process:Picking→Washing→Air Drying→Packing

Product introduction

Vegetable processing line with washing drying packing is a production line composed of vegetable washing machine, vegetable drying machine, vegetable packaging machine, etc. Freshly unearthed vegetables can be washed, air-dried and packaged. It greatly saves labor and time costs, and the packaged vegetables can be directly sold to major supermarkets. The processed vegetables have reduced pesticides, are clean and hygienic, reduce the threat to human health, and are also catering to the consumption psychology of contemporary people. This production line is the preferred equipment for the vegetable processing industry now, and it is also the best choice for vegetable processing in the future.

Compact And Stable Structure

Compact And Stable Structure

With years of production experience and a professional production team, our vegetable washing and drying machine is compact in structure, runs smoothly, and does not produce noise pollution. The mechanical material is sturdy and not easily deformed. Using superb welding technology, the produced mechanical surface is polished and smooth, and there will be no excess edges and corners.

Mechanically Easy To AdjustMechanically Easy To Adjust

The machinery can be adjusted according to the different processing materials, the conveyor belt of the vegetable washing machine can be adjusted, and the time of vegetable washing can be controlled to achieve the effect of thorough cleaning. According to the special processing requirements, the fork and the wheel device can be added to the cleaning machine, so that the cleaning is more uniform and the scope is wider.

Mechanically Easy To Adjust
High Working Efficiency

High Working Efficiency

This vegetable processing line fully realizes automatic production, improves the production efficiency, and can process thousands of kilograms of vegetables per hour. The machinery adopts well-known motors, and the washing machine adopts a powerful air pump, which has high processing power and high work efficiency. Only a few people can complete the vegetable processing and production work.

High Quality Finished ProductHigh Quality Finished Product

The vegetable processing machine will not damage the surface of the vegetables, the vegetables after cleaning are clean and fresh, remove the sludge, hair, pests and other harmful substances on the surface of the vegetables, and also have the effect of degrading pesticides, preventing pesticides from causing harm to the human body. It can also prevent bacterial erosion and prolong the shelf life of vegetables.

High Quality Finished Product
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