Industrial Potato Slicer Machine Manufacturers For Business

The potato slicer machine adopts advanced cutting technology to quickly cut potatoes into banana slices, which is a necessary production product for potato chip processing. The thickness of the mechanical slice can be adjusted, and different materials can be sliced. The potato slicer machine manufacturers has the advantages of convenient use, convenient maintenance, and no damage to the material organization.

Industrial Potato Slicer Machine Manufacturers For Business

Features Of Potato Slicer Machine


1. Small size, small footprint, convenient for mobile use and storage.

2. The upper cover has multiple feeding ports, which can be customized according to the size of the material.

3. Stainless steel material, bright and bright appearance, easy to use and store.

4. The potato slicer machine malaysia motor adopts well-known brands, and the failure rate is low.

5. The output can be customized according to the needs of production.



Advantages Of Potato Slicer Machine For Business

1. Low energy consumption, high slicing efficiency, and mass production.

2. The cutting speed is fast, and there will be no sticking of the knife.

3. The potato slicer machine price operation is simple, only one person can complete the work.

4. Compared with manual cutting, the thickness of mechanical cutting is more uniform.

5. The potato slicer machine has a wide range of use, and can slice a variety of root vegetables, which can realize the value of one machine with multiple uses.



Thickness of strip

Specification of slice





1.5mm /2mm



220V, 1HP



1.5-5mm adjustable



220V, 1HP


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