380v Root Vegetable Washing Washer Machine For Sale

The root vegetable washing machine adopts a brush washing machine, a nylon brush specially designed according to the characteristics of root vegetables. The brush is of good quality, durable and wear-resistant, and can remove the soil from the uneven places of the roots, making the cleaning more clean. The root washing machine brush can be customized according to the needs, and the bristle brush can be customized, which can achieve the effect of removing the outer skin and realize the function of one root washer machine and two functions.

380v Root Vegetable Washing Washer Machine For Sale

Features Of Root Vegetable Washing Machine

1. Made of stainless steel, it has a long service life and is easy to clean and maintain.

2. Using nylon brush, durable.

3. The root vegetable washing machine is small in size, easy to move and use, and easy to store. It can be used in fields and food processing plants.

4. The machine is equipped with spray, the combination of brush and spray makes cleaning more clean.

5. root washer for sale will not damage the surface of the material.

Advantage Of Root Washer Machine

1. The mechanical operation is simple, just press the start button, and only one person can complete the operation

2. The discharge valve is configured with the open-hole tube discharge system, which can realize batch production

3. The root washer machine can decide the cleaning time according to the processing condition of the material.

4. The root washer for sale adopts a water circulation system, which can save water resources.

5. Wide range of application: suitable for the cleaning and processing of various fruits and vegetables, and can also be customized according to user needs.

ModelPowerDimensionWeightCapacityRoller length
GG-SX8001.1kw/380v1600*850*800mm220kg400kg/h800 mm
GG-SX10001.5kw/380v1800*850*800mm260kg600kg/h1000 mm
GG-SX12001.5kw/380v2000*850*800mm280kg800kg/h1200 mm
GG-SX15002.2kw/380v2300*850*800mm320kg1000kg/h1500 mm
GG-SX20003kw/380v2800*850*800mm420kg1500kg/h2000 mm
GG-SX26004.75kw/380v3300*850*1450mm600kg2000kg/h2600 mm

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