Working Principle of Potato Chip Slicer

Time:2023-01-11 By:wendy

Original cut potato chips are made from fresh potatoes. Raw cut potato chips are widely welcomed by consumers. Crispy taste, a variety of flavors to choose from. Take a bite, the crispy taste not only brings enjoyment on the tip of the tongue, but also pleasant to the ear. The two key steps in potato chip processing are slicing and frying. The slices are uniform in thickness, which can make the potato chips complete the same frying in a uniform time and achieve a consistent taste. The potato chip slicer can be used to improve the forming rate of potato chips. You can continue to browse to learn more about the working principle of the potato chip slicer.


1.Potato Chip Slicer - Multifunctional Slicer

The commonly used automatic equipment for potato chip slicers is a multi-function slicer, which can not only cut potato chips, but also cut sweet potato chips, banana chips, etc. One piece of equipment can solve the problem of slicing most root vegetables. The potato chip slicer is equipped with a frequency converter. The advantage of using a frequency converter is that it can better stabilize the machine and increase the service life of the machine.

2.The Working Principle of Potato Chip Slicer

Combining the traditional principle of manual vegetable cutting, the potato chip slicer realizes the transmission principle of the cutter head and the conveyor belt. When working, it is turned on first and then discharged. Due to the gravity of the potato itself and the rotation of the belt, the potato is continuously sent to the blade for slicing. The operation of the machine is simple and convenient, and can achieve oblique cutting, tangential cutting and other effects.

Our company closely follows the market demand, and through generations of innovation and breakthroughs, we have successfully developed a potato chip slicer, which not only solves the problems of traditional manual vegetable cutting, but also makes it more standardized and controllable in terms of vegetable cutting speed and standards, making potato slices no longer necessary. is a problem.

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