How to Use Dehydrated Garlic?

Time:2022-12-21 By:Wendy

Dehydrated garlic is dehydrated garlic, which is made from raw garlic, which has been dehydrated in different stages to make the garlic dry. It can be garlic flakes or garlic powder. Dried garlic blends well into any dish and holds up well to heat and restores the garlic flavor. 1/2 teaspoon of dehydrated garlic is equivalent to about one clove. Dehydrated garlic is light yellow in color and pure in taste, and can be eaten or used as food raw materials and auxiliary materials. So, how exactly do you use dehydrated garlic?


1. Is Dehydrated Garlic as Good as Fresh Garlic?

Dehydrated garlic is just as good as fresh garlic. In some ways, dehydrated garlic is more advantageous. Allicin is the main active component of garlic, and it is also the source of garlic's unique spicy and pungent taste. In fresh garlic, there is no free allicin, only its precursor - alliin. When garlic is processed into dehydrated garlic, the two components contained in alliin and alliinase contact each other to form allicin, which emits a strong pungent smell. The content of allicin in garlic is only about 0.1%, but it is the essence of garlic, which has a strong immune enhancement and bactericidal effect.

The dehydrated vegetable technology born in the United States is "new" in that it removes almost all the water in the food while retaining 98% of the nutrients in the food. As long as the dehydrated garlic is soaked in warm water, it can recover quickly and ensure that you can eat fresh garlic from all seasons at any time, which is very popular in the market.

2. How Long Can Dehydrated Garlic Be Stored?

Since the water content of dehydrated garlic is below 6%, packaged dehydrated garlic can be stored for more than seven or eight years. Therefore, when garlic prices rise, garlic purchasers can purchase and store garlic; in years when garlic prices are low, garlic purchasers can purchase and store dehydrated garlic; Timely sale.

3. How to Use Dehydrated Garlic

Dehydrated garlic is usually exported. Since the industry of dehydrated garlic is relatively small, its customers are mainly B-end merchants, including food processing factories, compound seasoning processing factories, meat processing factories, etc.

The characteristic of dehydrated garlic is that it is convenient for storage, transportation and consumption. Because it is dried quickly, when the dehydrated garlic sees water, it will recover immediately without soaking for a long time. The vegetables in the instant noodle seasoning and vegetable packets we eat are also processed in this way.

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