Process Flow of Automatic Chili Sauce Production Line

Time:2022-12-12 By:Wendy

The chili sauce tastes spicy and delicious, and the color is bright, whether it is bibimbap, bibimbap or steamed buns, it is very appetizing for meals. Chili sauce is cumbersome to make and prone to deterioration. Combined with the modern processing technology of chili sauce, the fully automaticchili sauce production line improves the quality and reduces the market price. How is chili sauce processed on a fully automatic production line? Let's take a look at the process flow of the automatic chili sauce production line.

chili sauce processing

1. Process Flow of Automatic Chili Sauce Production Line

Manual pretreatment of fresh raw peppers (selection, sorting, removal of impurities, etc.) → cleaning → air drying → crushing → thinning → frying → filling → sterilization → standing (stand for a week, check whether the filling and sealing are tight, etc.) → Detection (foreign object detection, vacuum inspection) → labeling and coding → packing.

2.Fully Automatic Chili Sauce Production Line Equipment

1.Bubble Type Chili Washing Machine

The peppers are cleaned by bubbling and spraying to ensure the quality of the chili sauce.

2. Draining and Drying Equipment

Vibrating water draining machine and air knife air drying machine, through draining and air drying, the moisture on the surface of peppers is air-dried.

3. Chili Crusher

After the pepper is broken, it can be beaten better and the pulp yield can be improved.

4. Colloid Mill

A colloid mill can further refine the chili sauce.

5. Frying Cooking

To make oil-based chili sauce, you can fry it with oil.

6. Sauce Filling Machine

After the chili sauce is filled, it can ensure food safety, facilitate storage, transportation and sales, and enhance the brand image.

7. Other Equipment

Pasteurization lines, metal detectors, X-ray foreign body detectors, vacuum detectors, labeling and coding machines, and packing and palletizing machines.

Our company can develop and design a fully automatic chili sauce production line solution according to the needs of customers and according to the modern processing technology of chili sauce. The overall scheme embodies the advantages of high quality, simple operation, high efficiency and low consumption, and labor saving.

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