World Cup Coming, What Do You Know Qatar?

Time:2022-11-22 By:wendy

On November 20, 2022, the 22nd FIFA World Cup kicks off. The host country Qatar rushed into the sight of countless people.


Even people who don't know this country will be shocked by its wealth. The $220 billion invested in the preparation of this World Cup can be used by Russia, the previous host country, to hold another 16 World Cups. Let us come to understand Qatar today.

1. What Are the Chinese Elements of the World Cup in Qatar?

Although the Chinese team missed this World Cup, there is no shortage of Chinese elements in the World Cup. From the competition field, to the water supply network, to the power guarantee, Chinese manufacturing has provided strong support for the World Cup in Qatar.

2. Why Is the Qatar World Cup Held in Winter?

Qatar has a tropical desert climate, and the high temperature weather has shrouded here for a long time, especially from April to September every year, the highest temperature can reach 50 degrees Celsius, while the winter temperature is 21-30 degrees Celsius. This also makes the Qatar World Cup the first World Cup held in the northern hemisphere winter.

3. What are the specialties of Qatar?

Qatar did not become an independent state until 1971. But in just a few decades, the desolation on the surface of the earth has been completely subverted. All this stems from the fact that there are a lot of treasures-oil and natural gas sealed in the stratum. In addition, Qatar also produces dates known as "desert bread".

4. What Kind of Food Does Qatar Have?

Qatar is not suitable for the development of agriculture, 90% of the food supply can be completed through imports. Like other Arab countries, Qataris like to eat vegetable salad, cheese and marinated olives, etc. Hummus, a Middle Eastern specialty, is a must for every meal. The main meals include pancakes, grilled meat and grilled fish. Qataris also love to eat sweets, which are also indispensable for every meal. Commonly used beverages are black tea, coffee and milk. Black tea is usually sweetened. Cardamom is usually added to coffee, which has a slightly bitter taste and can be refreshing.

5. Qatar Market Analysis

According to Qatar's special products and eating habits, the more potential market demand in Qatar is concentrated in date palm/clean vegetable processing, nut butter, fried pasta, food packaging and dehydrated food, etc.

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