Chilli Sauce Manufacturing Process

Time:2022-06-22 By:Camille

The chili sauce manufacturing process mainly includes processing procedures such as chili cleaning, chili air drying, chili crushing, chili sauce grinding, chili sauce cooking, chili sauce filling and packing, packaged chili sauce pasteurization to prolong the chili sauce shelf life.Generally the packaged chili sauce after pasteurization can store 6 months.


Chili washing machine:Use a professional fruit and vegetable bubble cleaning machine to remove insects, pesticides, dust and other impurities on the surface of peppers to ensure the good taste of pepper sauce;

Chili de-watering machine:It uses multiple tumbling fans to quickly remove water droplets on the surface of peppers, shortening the working time, and the wind temperature of the fans is normal temperature, which effectively protects the color and quality of the peppers themselves;

Chili crushing machine:The cleaned peppers are crushed, which can facilitate the grinding and feeding of peppers more smoothly;

Chili sauce grinding machine:The crushed chili is ground into a uniform and fine chili sauce under the friction between the stator and the rotor;


Chili sauce cooking machine:The excess water can be evaporated by boiling the chili sauce, and various seasonings can be added and stirred evenly according to the taste preference of the chili sauce;

Chili sauce filling machine:The prepared chili sauce is directly hot canned to reduce bacterial growth. We can configure the corresponding chili sauce packaging machine according to the customer's needs for chili sauce packaging;

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