Process Technology Equipment For Dried Chili

Time:2022-10-21 By:wendy

Dried chili is a chili product made from fresh red chili  after dehydration and drying. It is characterized by low water content and suitable for long-term preservation. Dried peppers are suitable for a wide variety of regions, have high economic benefits, and have great potential for value-added processing. Today, I will take you to understand the processing technology and technology equipment of dried peppers.

Process Flow Of Dry Pepper Processing

The processing process of dried chili is as follows: chili-drying-packaging.


2. Dry Pepper Processing Technology Equipment And Advantages

Dry pepper processing technology equipment is mainly heat pump dryer. The water content of pepper raw materials is very high, generally 75%-85%.

Set the temperature of the heat pump dryer to 40℃-60℃ for hot air drying, and the relative air temperature is lower than 70% at first.

The relative air humidity dropped below 52% after 5 hours.

After 12 hours, the relative air humidity was all below 40%.

Therefore, the productivity of pepper drying operation is mainly determined by the temperature of the pepper itself, rather than the ability of hot air to carry moisture and remove moisture. From the perspective of ensuring that the nutrients of the peppers are not affected after drying and improving the productivity, the temperature of the hot air for drying the peppers is preferably 60°C-70°C. The section drying method is adopted, and section drying is the superior method for pepper drying at present.

1. The Color Of The Dried Chili Is Uniform

The chili dried by the heat pump dryer is dried in a closed type. During the chili drying process, different chili drying methods will be selected according to the different water content of the chili pepper. The drying process should reasonably control the drying temperature and drying. Time and other parameters, the peppers dried in this way have good color and good quality, and are more favored by the market.

2. High Integrity Of Peppers

The peppers dried by the heat pump dryer are well controlled in terms of drying conditions, so the peppers can be dried evenly inside and outside, thus ensuring the integrity and reasonable dryness of the peppers, and greatly improving the production of the peppers rate and completeness.

3. Preserve Pepper Nutrition

The peppers dried by the heat pump dryer will be reasonably controlled in many aspects during the drying process, so the nutrients contained in the peppers can be better preserved.

The dry chili technology equipment developed by our company is fully enclosed drying, energy saving and environmental protection, simple operation, intelligent control system, can control temperature and humidity in sections, good drying quality, and ensure food hygiene.

If you want to know more about dried pepper processing or fruit and vegetable drying, please feel free to inquire at any time, and you are also welcome to visit our company's R&D factory.