Design Scheme of Vegetable Processing Workshop

Time:2022-10-27 By:wendy

Design scheme of vegetable processing workshop

Clean vegetables requires consumers to make meals directly after purchasing, without the need for cleaning and disinfection. Therefore, the most important thing in cleaning dishes is to keep them clean and hygienic so that customers can eat them with confidence. There must be a set of strict hygiene standards in the vegetable cleaning workshop, and employees must abide by this process when cleaning vegetable processing. Today, let's discuss the design plan of the vegetable processing workshop.


1. Design basis for vegetable processing workshop

1. GB50073-2013 Design Specification for Clean Workshop;

2. GB50591-2010 Clean room construction and acceptance specification;

3. GB50687-2011 Technical Specification for Food Industry Clean Room Construction;

4. GB50243-2016 Ventilation and Air Conditioning Engineering Construction Quality Acceptance Specification;

5. GB50019-2015 Design Specification for Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning of Industrial Buildings;

6. 31652-2021 National Food Safety Standard Hygienic specification for processing ready-to-eat fresh-cut fruits and vegetables.

2. Function setting of vegetable processing workshop

1. Production and processing functions: The clean vegetable processing workshop shall process the clean vegetable raw materials purchased in large quantities into finished or semi-finished products in accordance with unified variety specifications and quality requirements.

2. Unified packaging function: In the clean vegetable processing workshop, according to the requirements of the joint packaging image of the chain-selling enterprises, various finished or semi-finished products are packaged to a certain extent.

3. Frozen storage function: The vegetable processing workshop needs to be equipped with refrigerated storage equipment. One is to store the raw materials before processing, and the other is to store the finished or semi-finished products that have been produced and packaged but have not been delivered to the chain store.

4. Transportation function: The vegetable processing workshop should be equipped with transportation vehicles, and according to the demand plan of each store, the products will be delivered to the chain stores on time and in quantity.

3. General requirements for the design of vegetable processing workshops

  1. According to the needs of processing and production, the vegetable cleaning workshop can set up functional rooms such as warehouse, processing and production, cleaning and disinfection, and cleaning. According to the requirements of cleanliness, each function room should be divided into general operation area, quasi-clean operation area and cleaning operation area.

  2. The clean vegetable processing area should be reasonably arranged according to the clean vegetable processing and production process to avoid cross-contamination.

  3. The flow direction of the drainage should flow from the area with a high degree of cleanliness to the area with a low degree of cleanliness, and prevent the backflow of sewage.

  4. Warehouses should be set up separately or different storage areas should be set up in the same warehouse according to the nature of raw vegetables, semi-finished products, finished products and packaging materials. Refrigerated (frozen) warehouses should be set up separately for clean vegetable raw materials, semi-finished products and finished products that need to be refrigerated (frozen). According to the needs of processing and production, special refrigerated (frozen) warehouses or facilities should be set up near the corresponding processing and production rooms.

  5. The locker room should be located in the same building as the food handling area, next to the entrance to the processing facility.

  6. The entrance and exit of the toilet should not directly face the cleaning area.

  7. It should be smoothly connected with the off-site roads, so that the transportation vehicles of enterprises can directly enter the national road network such as national roads and expressways.

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