Fried Sweet Potato Chips Production Line Flow Chart

Time:2022-10-06 By:Wendy

Sweet potatoes can not only be used as a staple food, but also can be processed in various ways. traditional sweet potato processing is generally in the form of dried sweet potato and sweet potato starch. with the exploration of deep processing of food, the processing technology of fried sweet potato chips appeared and quickly became the new favorite of the snack industry. today, the editor will take you to visit our company's cooperative factory to learn more about the technical process and technical points of the fried sweet potato chips production line.


Process Flow Of Fried Sweet Potato Chips Production Line

The technological process of the fried sweet potato chips production line is: pouring sweet potatoes into the elevator - cleaning and peeling by the brush cleaning machine - conveyor belt - slicer - cleaning and lifting - blanching - drying - lifting - frying - vibration deoiling - air cooling - packaging.

Technical Points Of Fried Sweet Potato Chips Production Line

1. Brush Cleaning Machine: Deep Cleaning, Peeling

As the primary link in the pretreatment of fried sweet potato chips, the cleaning and peeling of sweet potatoes directly affects the quality of the finished product. the brush cleaning machine developed by our company ensures the cleaning and peeling rate according to the characteristics of sweet potatoes, and the continuously updated cleaning in the equipment can effectively separate the soil and residue.

2. Slicer: Fast Cutting, Even Thickness

The high-speed cutting speed of the sweet potato slicer can keep the surface of the sweet potato slices smooth, and the thickness is uniform, so that the frying effect can also be kept uniform.

3. Blanching Machine: Prevent Discoloration

Sweet potatoes contain a lot of starch, and they will change color when they come into contact with the air, which will affect the color of the finished product. after blanching in boiling water, the color of sweet potato chips can be stabilized and balanced.

4. Continuous Fryer: Precise Temperature Control, Even Frying, Golden Brown And Crispy

The continuous fryer needs to be preheated to the appropriate temperature for frying sweet potato chips before frying. the blanched and air-dried sweet potato chips are lifted into the continuous fryer for frying at a constant temperature, with adjustable running speed and automatic filtration. oil residue, improve frying oil life. the fried sweet potato chips are golden and crispy, sweet and delicious.

5. Vibration Deoiler: Reduce Oil Content, Healthy And Delicious

Deep-fried sweet potato chips are comforting and delicious, with a strong aroma that can boost your appetite. but fried sweet potato chips have a high oil content and are too greasy to eat, and a vibrating deoiler can solve this problem. the deoiler not only has a good deoiling effect, but also greatly improves the yield. it is made of food-grade stainless steel, which is durable and durable.

6. Packaging Machine: Keep Crispy, Improve Taste, And Facilitate Storage And Transportation

After the fried sweet potato chips are air-cooled, they need to be packaged in time. if it is not packaged in time, the fried sweet potato chips will come into contact with moisture in the air and cause dampness, which will affect the taste and quality. the fast packaging of the packaging machine can keep the fried sweet potato chips crispy, improve product quality and facilitate storage and transportation.

Our company always provides customers with mature deep-fried sweet potato chips processing solutions, and strives for perfection in the processing of details. always stand from the perspective of customers, improve the quality and processing efficiency of fried sweet potato chips, effectively save oil and electricity, maintain the stability of equipment operation, and insist on creating value for customers.

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