Potato Chips Cleaning Process Steps

Time:2022-09-24 By:wendy

Potatoes are rich in various nutrients and have good storage resistance, making them an important economic crop. Because potatoes grow underground, there is a lot of soil on the surface of potatoes, which requires deep cleaning and peeling during processing. Today, we will take the common potato chips and vegetables as an example to discuss the processing process and equipment of potato chips and vegetables.


1. Processing Process Of Potato Chips

The processing process of potato chips is as follows: potatoes - washing, peeling - slicing - blanching - cooling - air drying - packaging.

2. Potato Chips Cleaning Equipment

1. Brush Cleaning And Peeling Machine

The brush cleaning and peeling machine is a special cleaning equipment for root vegetables, which can effectively clean the soil on the surface of potatoes. The potato chips are removed by rubbing with a hair roller to obtain clean, peeled whole potatoes.

2. Multifunctional Slicer

The multifunctional slicer can obtain standard potato chips with uniform thickness according to the size and thickness of the slices.

3. Blanching Machine

Potatoes contain enzymes, which will change color when exposed to air, affecting the quality of potato chips. After blanching, the potato chips entered a stable state.

4. Bubble Cleaning Machine (Water Cooling)

The blanched potato chips enter the bubble cleaning machine to wash off the excess starch on the surface and achieve the purpose of cooling.

5. Air Knife Air Dryer

The air knife air dryer mainly dries the moisture on the surface of the potato chips, prolongs the shelf life of the potato chips, maintains the quality of the finished product, and is convenient for packaging.

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