Nigerian Chili Sauce Project Upgrade

Time:2022-06-20 By:Wendy

On January 1, 2022, the customer sent New Year's wishes to Gelgoog from faraway Nigeria, expressing the initial intention to add a few more production lines to achieve more automated production. Gelgoog added another "loyal fan".

Nigeria is the most populous country in Africa with a total population of 201 million. It is also the largest economy in Africa. The customer runs a local chili sauce and vegetable sauce processing factory. Since the chili sauce produced is delicious and conforms to the local dietary characteristics, the sales have been very good. However, Nigeria has a savannah climate, generally high temperature and rainy, fruits and vegetables are easy to spoil if not handled in time. At that time, the customer used artificial and small commercial equipment, which was not efficient. Due to the superposition of various factors, the chili sauce and vegetable sauce produced by customers are always in short supply.

Nigerian Chili Sauce Project Upgrade

Distressed customers, eager to scale up production, turned to Gelgoog. But at the same time, he raised a few doubts of his own: the area of his factory is not large, how should the customized production line be placed; whether there is a difference in the taste between mechanical manufacturing and manual production; whether the output of the production line matches the amount of purchases; How much cost savings.

In response to the 4 questions raised by the customer, the business manager of Gelgoog gave detailed answers to the customers one by one: With years of experience in research and development, Gelgoog adopts a modular configuration of the production line machinery, and regards the mechanical size as an important consideration. Requires free combination; Gelgoog has a number of R&D engineers with more than 10 years of experience, in-depth research on the core requirements of food processing technology, fine control in temperature control, time control, processing degree, etc., to restore the original taste of food; the combined production line can Tailored according to the customer's output requirements; each key link of the production line can be equipped with one worker, saving labor.

Gelgoog's professionalism and service deeply impressed customers. Finally, a chili sauce production line including fruit and vegetable cleaning, crushing, preheating enzyme inactivation, grinding, boiling sterilization, packaging and other mechanical equipment was customized.

In November 2021, the chili sauce production line ordered by Nigerian customers in Jergoog was officially put into production. On the basis of meeting the customer's production process requirements, the sauce grinding equipment developed by Gelgoog can grind chili sauce and vegetable sauce with better quality and taste. More delicate and more mellow in taste. At the same time, Gelgoog's cooking and sterilizing equipment can produce more chili paste per batch. After feeling the benefits of scale expansion, the customer's plan to increase production lines was officially put on the agenda.

In the ancient African land, Gelgoog's digital and intelligent food processing equipment is becoming a booster for strugglers, accelerating the promotion of more industrious people on the road to prosperity.