Mango Fruit Pulp Making Extraction Machine For Sale

The mango pulp machine is also known as the double-channel pulp machine. The first path is the pitting rotor, and the second path is the pulping and filtering rotor, which can realize the process of removing the core (first path), peeling and pulping (second path); if it is used for berries, for the pulping of pome fruit, no matter whether single-channel or double-channel is used, the rotors are all pulping rotors. The mango pulp making machine produced mango pulp has a long storage time, small loss of nutrients and good taste.

Mango Fruit Pulp Making Extraction Machine For Sale

Mango Pulp Machine Applications

This mango pulp machine is suitable for the pitting and beating separation of stone fruits (mango, peach, apricot, jujube), berries (tomato, kiwi, strawberry, dragon fruit), and pre-cooked and softened pome fruit (apple, pear). ;

Mango Pulp Making Machine Advantages

1. Automatic separation of pulp and slag;

2. The parts in contact with mango are made of stainless steel;

3. It can be combined on the production line or produced by a single machine;

4. The screen can be replaced, which is suitable for different processing materials;


Mango Pulp Extraction Machine Features

1. Wide diameter feeding port

Use food grade 304 stainless steel material, large diameter feeding fast;

2. Smooth slag outlet

Stainless steel material design with smooth surface, smooth slag discharge;

3. Motor protective cover

The stainless steel cover of the motor pulley is convenient to use, waterproof and moisture-proof, and prolongs the service life.



Production capacity t/h

Equipment Power KW

Dimension mm










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