Electric Garlic Skin Remove Machine For Sale

Garlic skin remove machine is to quickly remove the garlic skin by the working method of degassing. Garlic skin remover machine is composed of four parts: the main engine, the connecting pipe, the storage tank and the air compressor, which realizes the automation of garlic peeling. And it will not damage the surface of garlic, and will not affect the original smell and color of garlic.

Electric Garlic Skin Remove Machine For Sale

Features Of Garlic Skin Remove Machine For Sale


1. Made of stainless steel, anti-corrosion, durable and beautiful in appearance.

2. The garlic skin remove machine can realize continuous work.

3. The garlic skin remove machine electric can replace manual peeling automation and reduce labor and time costs.

4. The mechanical instant surface is smooth and durable, easy to clean and maintain.

5. Using electric energy to work, will not pollute the environment.



Garlic Skin Remove Machine Benefits

1. The peeling efficiency is high, the peeling effect is good, and the peeling effect can reach 98%.

2. The spare parts and motors used in the machinery are all well-known brands, with long service life and low failure rate.

3. It can work on a stand-alone garlic skin remove machine or with a production line.

4. Can work indoors or in the fields.

5. The operation of the machine is simple, and garlic skin remove machine electric is equipped with an instruction manual when it is produced, so that customers can better understand the operation steps.







220v, 50hz





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