Commercial Garlic Peeling Machine Business Manufacturer

Garlic peeling machine is a machine that replaces manual removal of garlic skin. The garlic peeling machine commercial has clean peeling and high efficiency. The peeling rate of dried garlic can reach 98%. The garlic peeling machine business can be adjusted according to the size of the garlic cloves, and the processing time can be controlled, so as to achieve better working results.

Commercial Garlic Peeling Machine Business Manufacturer

Features Of Garlic Peeling Machine Commercial


1. The garlic peeling machine business occupies a small area and is more convenient to move and use.

1. This machine can be used in many occasions, it can be used in the fields of the farm, and it can also work indoors such as restaurants and hotels.

2. The peeling efficiency is high, if it is dry garlic, the peeling efficiency can reach 98%.

3. The garlic peeling machine price uses electricity as the main energy source and will not pollute the air.

4. Made of stainless steel, it has a long service life and will not pollute the machinery.


Advantages Of Garlic Peeling Machine Manufacturer


1. Peeling with gas will not damage the surface of garlic, and will not change the smell and color of garlic.

2. The garlic peeling machine is easy to operate, only one person needs to put garlic into the machine.

3. The mechanical operation is in a closed environment, which will not pollute the garlic.

4. The material is smooth, easy to clean and maintain.

5. The garlic peeling machine commercial is divided into different models, which can be customized according to the different processing output.














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