Stainless Steel Ginger Washing Peeling Peeler Machine Price

The ginger peeling machine uses hair rollers to rub against each other to remove the skin on the surface of the ginger, and the peeling efficiency can reach about 90%, which is very suitable for cleaning materials such as ginger with many folds. The ginger peeling machine greatly saves the labor time cost of ginger processing and is a welfare equipment for ginger processing. The ginger peeler machine is made of stainless steel, which has a long service life and is easy to clean and maintain. It is the artifact of ginger peeling.

Stainless Steel Ginger Washing Peeling Peeler Machine Price

Features Of Ginger Washing Peeling Machine


1. The ginger washing peeling machine is made of high-quality nylon brush material, which has a long service life and strong corrosion resistance.

2. The combination of brush and spray is used to make the cleaning effect better.

3. The ginger peeling machine can save water and save resource costs.

4. It has the characteristics of low energy consumption, small size and convenient movement.

5. A transparent upper cover is set on the upper part of the ginger peeler machine, which is convenient to observe the dynamics of ginger cleaning.


Advantages Of Stainless Steel Ginger Skin Peeler Machine


1. The degree of automation is high. After the ginger has been cleaned, the discharge return baffle is opened, and the automatic rolling discharge is realized under the rotation of the hair roller.

2. It can realize the separation of slag and water, which is convenient for the separation of residue and sewage.

3. Double-row industrial chain drive, solid and wear-resistant, safe and reliable.

4. The ginger washing peeling machine is equipped with protection devices such as motor overheating and leakage, which is convenient and safe to operate.

5. There are various models of machinery to choose from, which can be customized according to the output required for processing.

ModelPowerDimensionWeightCapacityRoller length
GG-SX8001.1kw/380v1600*850*800mm220kg400kg/h800 mm
GG-SX10001.5kw/380v1800*850*800mm260kg600kg/h1000 mm
GG-SX12001.5kw/380v2000*850*800mm280kg800kg/h1200 mm
GG-SX15002.2kw/380v2300*850*800mm320kg1000kg/h1500 mm
GG-SX20003kw/380v2800*850*800mm420kg1500kg/h2000 mm
GG-SX26004.75kw/380v3300*850*1450mm600kg2000kg/h2600 mm

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