Commercial Freezing Methods For Fruit And Vegetables

Time:2022-06-20 By:Emily

Fresh fruits and vegetables contain more nutrients, but these nutrients are quickly lost if not frozen. Therefore, fruits and vegetables are often frozen commercially to prevent or delay their spoilage. So what are the methods of commercial freezing fruits and vegetables? The following will introduce you.



Commercial Freezing Methods For Fruit And Vegetables

Commercial freezing methods are mainly divided into: fluidized freezing, tunnel freezing, spiral freezing, etc.


1.Fruit and vegetable fluidized freezer

Using a fluidized freezer, the fruits and vegetables that need to be frozen are placed on the screen, and under the action of a certain flow rate of low-temperature air from bottom to top, the food particles show a "fluidized" movement, and are quickly frozen during the movement. During the process, the mass transfer and heat transfer in the food layer are very fast, so as to achieve the purpose of fast freezing of the food monomer.

The fruit and vegetable fluidized quick-freezing machine can not only carry out continuous production, but also is very simple and convenient in the freezing operation of various items. It has been widely welcomed in many large-scale fruit and vegetable freezing enterprises, and has a trend of replacing traditional fruit and vegetable freezing equipment


2. Fruit and vegetable tunnel freezer


Using a tunnel freezer, the frozen fruits and vegetables are transported into the tunnel through the conveyor mesh belt, and the goods are quickly frozen after passing through the tunnel, and then transported out for the next step. To freeze food through the quick-freezing tunnel, as long as the goods continue to enter the tunnel and generate heat, the refrigeration unit will keep running until the goods stop conveying, and the unit will automatically stop according to the temperature in the tunnel.


The use of quick-freezing tunnels can save the manual handling process. , only improve the utilization rate and production efficiency of the equipment, and can realize the continuous quick-freezing work.


3. Fruit and vegetable spiral freezer

Spiral freezer is a high-efficiency freezing device for freezing large quantities of products in a small floor space.

Put the frozen product tray of the food to be frozen on the horizontal conveyor chain of the screw quick-freezer. The frozen product tray enters the lifting track of the quick-freezing chamber with the conveyor chain. With the lifting movement, when the frozen product tray rises to the bridge position, push the The tray device pushes the frozen product tray on the lifting track to the descending track, and then the frozen product tray runs along the descending track to the horizontal conveyor chain, and the conveyor chain sends the frozen product tray out of the quick-freezing chamber.


Spiral freezers are widely used in the fruit and vegetable industry. In particular, the double-screw quick-freezer has the advantages of compact structure, small footprint, high freezing efficiency and good freezing effect.

What Are The Advantages Of Freezing Process?

1. Keep fruits and vegetables fresh: All the freshness, flavor, and nutrients in food are "locked in" when they're at their best. can maintain its vitamins and minerals for a long time,

2. Freezing does not change color or texture: Microorganisms lose their vitality during the freezing process and cannot

Reproduction or even death; enzyme catalysis is inhibited; chemical reactions slow down. Therefore, food at low temperature can be stored for a long time without spoilage.

3. Reduce waste: Freezing suspends the activity of enzymes that cause food to spoil. Keeping premium frozen meals in the freezer means zero waste.

4. Extend the shelf life of fruits and vegetables; this can bring longer-term benefits and reduce losses for commercial frozen fruits and vegetables.