Industrial Fluidized Quick Bed Freezer Machine 

The fluidized quick freeze machine can realize the fluidized suspension freezing of frozen products, and has the advantages of fast freezing and quick freezing, short freezing time, high freezing efficiency, large freezing output, simple operation, and convenient cleaning and hygiene. The fluidized quick-freezing device is a novel liquidized quick-freezing device with performance design, and it is also an ideal fluidized bed freezer for fruits and vegetables. Its processing capacity is 100kg/h-3000kg/h, which can be customized according to different needs.

Industrial Fluidized Quick Bed Freezer Machine 

Fluidized Bed Freezer Working Principle

This Fluidized bed freezer working principle:the pretreated fruit and vegetable products are evenly distributed on the stainless steel mesh belt of the quick-freezing machine through the vibrating distributor. When the fruits and vegetables enter the quick-freezing machine, under the action of strong wind blowing from the bottom to the top, the food layer begins to loosen, and the food particles no longer remain in a static state. , part of the particles are suspended upward, that is, to form a fluidized bed (ie, suspended). Under the suspended state, the frozen product is uniformly stressed at the same time, so that the frozen product can quickly complete the three stages of cooling, surface freezing and deep freezing in a short time, so as to obtain high-quality single frozen product.


Advantages of Fluidized Quick Freeze Machine

1. Large frozen output: It can realize continuous single quick freezing of food and large frozen output.

2. Frozen products do not stick: During the quick-freezing process, the frozen products are in a suspended motion state, without sticking or agglomeration.

3. High-efficiency and fresh-keeping: It is a new type of monomer quick freezing device with energy saving, high efficiency and maximum freshness of food.

4. Excellent quality of frozen products: strong air convection is adopted, and the freezing speed is fast, thus ensuring the quality of frozen products.

5. A wide range of frozen products: all kinds of fruits and vegetables can be frozen, and fruits and vegetables of different shapes can be frozen, so that one machine can be used for multiple purposes.

6. Low energy consumption and high sanitation: The high-efficiency heat transfer effect of the special fan for energy-saving cold storage and the all-aluminum evaporator can save energy consumption. Adopt continuous cleaning and drying device, clean and hygienic.

Introduction Of Fluidized Quick Freeze Machine

1: Excellent thermal insulation performance and hygienic environment. The concave-convex surface is combined between the library board and the library board, and the hook-lock surface is connected, which is firm and reliable.

2: There is a draft shield at the feeding port, which effectively isolates the freezing area from the processing workshop and prevents the

Run cold and save energy.

3: The opening position is set reasonably, which is convenient for cleaning and maintenance of the equipment. The position of the door can be adjusted according to the actual placement of the customer.

Refrigeration capacity(kw)205490340
Installed power(kw)14182450
Feed temperature(℃)+15℃

Discharge temperature(℃)-18℃

Circulating temeprature(℃)-35±2℃

Freezing time(min)8~20


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