Fully Automatic IQF Tunnel Freezer Manufacturer

The iqf tunnel freezer is mainly used for quick freezing of food. It can pack the real material, original juice, original color and nutritional properties of the quick-frozen finished product, and the dry consumption is very small, which can realize the quick-freezing of the single body without sticking. This tunnel freezer machine adopts the control method of touch screen + PLC to monitor the temperature change in the box in real time. After the parameters are set, the equipment can run automatically, with simple operation and strong reliability. Its processing output is between 300kg/h-3000kg/h. Compressor brand can be customized according to demand. As a manufacturer of iqf tunnel freezers, we are committed to providing our customers with the best products.

Fully Automatic IQF Tunnel Freezer Manufacturer

Advantages Of IQF Tunnel Freezer 

* Short freezing time, long preservation time, good food quality, hygienic and environmentally friendly

*The goods are constantly moving along the running direction. Each frame travels the entire length of the tunnel within a specified time. Freeze evenly, without dead ends, and fast.

* Energy saving, stable and reliable, low failure rate, high efficiency and low operating cost.

*Avoid generating large ice crystals between cells. Reduced intracellular water separation, less juice loss during thawing

* The food is quickly lowered to the temperature below the growth activity of microorganisms, which advantageously resists the growth of microorganisms and their biochemical reactions. Play a role in preservation.

* Widely used, it can maximize the preservation of the original nutrition of food.

*Quick freezing temperature can be adjusted according to different products and supports customization.



Structural Characteristics Of Iqf Tunnel Freezer 

1. Equipment performance description: This tunnel freezer is mainly composed of a feed inlet, a thermal insulation storehouse, a material outlet, a transmission system, a circulating air system, an evaporator, and an electric control system.

2. Basic frame: According to the customer's workshop layout, design the external dimensions, and make appropriate adjustments.

3. Air supply system and fan: The air supply system has high air efficiency, and a large amount of cold air flow evenly acts on the material. The material completely wrapped by the cold air flow is frozen in the shortest time, and high-quality freezing effect can be obtained.

4. Mesh belt and transmission system: The transmission system of this iqf tunnel freezer is composed of a complete transmission system.

It can effectively adjust the tightness of the mesh belt and prevent the mesh belt from slack and deviation. Stepless frequency conversion speed regulation, flexible adjustment, adapt to the requirements of different products.

5. Evaporator: It is produced by a new process, which makes the flow in the evaporator tube smooth and the flow resistance is small, which lays the foundation for the low energy consumption operation of the refrigeration system.

6. Control system: The control box cabinet is made of stainless steel, which is easy to control

Height of inlet and outletInlet 1055mm/Outlet 835mm

Max Height2500mm

Belt Width1280mm1280mm1280mm
Freezing Time5-25min(Adjustable)


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