IQF Freezer Machine For Seafood

The seafood iqf machine can effectively and economically freeze a variety of seafood, such as fish, shrimp, squid, octopus, shellfish, etc. This iqf freezer for sale is a freezing device capable of freezing a large number of products in a short time. Its processing capacity can reach up to 3000kg/h.

IQF Freezer Machine For Seafood

Working Principle IQF Freezer For Sale

This iqf machine for seafood is mainly composed of a refrigeration system, a propulsion system, an electrical control system and a freezer compartment. The staff puts the frozen product tray that needs to be frozen into the quick-freezing machine inlet and enters the quick-freezing track. With the movement of the mesh belt, a stable vertical annular low-temperature airflow is formed under the action of the fan. This low airflow and horizontal movement of passive food. The process of heat exchange to achieve rapid cooling and freezing.


Advantage Of IQF Machine For Seafood

1. Flexible customization: Seafood refrigerators with different output can be customized according to the processing needs of customers. The processing capacity per hour is between 300-3000, and the production capacity is large.

2. Good effect of frozen products: It can protect the nutrition and color of frozen products well, and has no effect on frozen food. It is an ideal quick-freezing equipment.

3. Easy to operate: This iqf freezer for sale has a high degree of automation and is controlled by the operation panel, which is easy to operate and saves labor.

4. Strong fresh-keeping ability: the food can be quickly lowered to the temperature below the growth activity of microorganisms, which is beneficial to resist the growth of microorganisms and their biochemical reactions. Play a very good role in preservation.

5. Adjustable mesh belt: The frequency converter realizes stepless speed regulation, and the freezing time of frozen products can be continuously adjusted according to needs, which can be adapted to the processing of various frozen products.

6. Customized solutions: In addition to providing a single seafood iqf machine, we can also provide customers with complete frozen seafood solutions.


Seafood Iqf Machine Structure Introduction

1. The speed of the two mesh belts is adjusted separately to meet the freezing needs of various foods.

2. Two variable speed belts: freeze all kinds of food under normal conditions, the frozen food is not damaged, and the food is not sticking.

3. Centrifugal fan: The system uses a high-pressure centrifugal fan, which generates corresponding wind force within a large static pressure range, ensures the formation of a fluidized bed, and prolongs the time between frosting.

4. The warehouse body adopts polyurethane foam sandwich double-sided stainless steel plate, which has a remarkable thermal insulation effect and a beautiful appearance.

5. The conveyor mesh belt adopts stainless steel conveyor mesh belt, and all parts in contact with food are made of stainless steel to ensure food hygiene requirements.

6. Electric control box: A separate control panel can carry out independent operation of electric start and control network transmission speed.


Refrigeration capacity(kw)205490180

Installed power(kw)14182435
Feed temperature(℃)+15℃

Discharge temperature(℃)-18℃

Circulating temeprature(℃)-35±2℃

Freezing time(min)8~20


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