Industrial Various Fruit Cutting Slicing Machine

The fruit cutting slicing machine is a machine that replaces the manual cutting of fruits into slices quickly, and the thickness of the slices can be adjusted according to the processing requirements. The slicing speed is very fast, which realizes the automation of fruit processing, improves the production efficiency of fruit and vegetable processing, and greatly reduces the time and cost of manual production. The upper part of the fruit cutting machine has feeding ports with different diameters, which can be customized according to the diameter of the fruit.

Industrial Various Fruit Cutting Slicing Machine

Features Of Fruit Slicing Machine 


1. Stainless steel material, long service life, easy to clean and maintain.

2. The mechanical upper cover can be customized with different feeding ports according to the material size.

3. The fruit cutting machine can cut the fruit orientation, which can be a transverse section or a longitudinal section.

4. The industrial fruit slicing machine is sturdy, runs smoothly, and does not produce shaking noise pollution.

5. The cut surface is smooth, which can maintain the original shape of the fruit tissue, which is convenient for later processing.



Advantage Of Fruit Cutting Machine

1. The mechanical blade can be disassembled and replaced, which is convenient for later cleaning and maintenance.

2. It can replace artificial slicing of fruit, and can control the thickness of fruit slices, and the slice thickness is uniform.

3. The blade is sharp and will not stick to the knife.

4. It can work on a stand-alone fruit cutting machine or in the production line.

5. The fruit slicing machine price has a wide range of uses, which can realize the value of one machine with multiple uses.

Cutting size0-5mm adjustable

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