Commercial Electric Carrot Polishing Machine Cost

The carrot polishing machine uses a nylon silk brush roller to scrub the surface of the material to clean and polish the carrot. It is a cleaning machine with high cleaning power. Whether processing carrot juice, fried carrot slices, frozen carrot diced, or direct sale, carrot polisher is a must-have product for pre-processing. The carrot polishing machine commercial can also wash other root vegetables, such as potatoes, ginger, taro, mushrooms, etc.

Commercial Electric Carrot Polishing Machine Cost

Features Of Carrot Polishing Machine

1. The output size of the carrot polishing machine cost can be customized according to the processing needs. The output range is 200-3000kg/h, and larger models can also be selected.

2. The mechanical brushes can be customized according to different purposes. There are four different types of soft brushes, super soft brushes, hard brushes, and emery rollers. They can be cleaned, polished or peeled.

3. Equipped with a spray system, carrot polishing machine cost is to wash the waste and clean the hair roller in time to improve the efficiency.

4. The time of mechanical cleaning and peeling can be controlled to realize continuous production.

5. Equipped with a visible upper cover, which can observe the dynamics of cleaning in time.

Advantages Of Carrot Polishing Machine Commercial

1. The carrot polishing machine electric runs smoothly, the operation is simple, and the maintenance is convenient

2. The effect of polishing is obvious, and it will not hurt the skin of carrots.

3. It can realize the continuous review of the machine and M, and improve the work efficiency of the work.

4. The carrot polishing machine is equipped with rollers, which makes the movement more convenient.

5. It has a wide range of applications, and can clean various root vegetables such as potatoes, carrots, mushrooms, taro, ginger and so on.

modelNet length of wool rollerLength of hair rollerDiameter of hair rollerMotor PowerSpiral powerDimensions(MM)

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