Brush Type Carrot Washing Cleaning Machine Price

The carrot brush washing machine used in the carrot cleaning machine for sale is a mechanical equipment for washing radish developed and produced on the basis of the fruit and vegetable washing machine. It has a surface with high cleaning efficiency and no damage to carrots. The output of the carrot washing machine price can be customized according to the processing needs, and it is made of stainless steel and has a long service life.

Brush Type Carrot Washing Cleaning Machine Price

Features Of Carrot Washing Machine Price

1. The carrot washing machine price adopts imported nylon brush, which has a low damage rate and is relatively wear-resistant.

2. The parts of this machine are all brand-name devices, with low failure rate and simple maintenance.

3. The carrot cleaning machine price can be equipped with a processing production line, or can be completed by a single machine.

4. The carrot brush washing machine adopts a water circulation system, which can save water resources.

5. Easy to change water, large drain valve, easy to discharge, clean and maintain.

Advantages Of Carrot Brush Washing Machine

1. The running speed of the carrot cleaning machine price can be adjusted, and the conveying speed can be set according to production needs

2. multi-directional and multi-angle cleaning under the dual action of air bubbles and spray.

3. High degree of automation, saving labor and improving production efficiency.

4. The disassembly is more convenient, which is conducive to cleaning and maintenance.

5. Operation guidance and after-sales service can be provided.

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